Who knew dogs enjoyed downtempo music?

Here at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, a Japanese startup is worried about the mental health of all those dogs you bought during the pandemic. One By One Music believes those dogs who, while everyone was sheltering in place, got too used to their family being at home for most of the day. Now that everyone’s back to work, school or generally enjoying the outdoors, they’re getting lonely and stressed on their lonesome. That’s why the company conducted some research and claims to have discovered the secret to making dogs calmer. The answer is AI-generated downtempo music, which the company’s representatives say reduces your pooch’s stress by 84 percent.

The general idea is that users will subscribe and leave the music running on their device at home while they’re away. It’ll cost ¥980 (around $6.70) per month, which you might think is a small price to pay if you think this is the most effective way to keep your dog happy. Now, I’ve only heard a tiny sample of the music the company is promising, so I can’t make any real comment on its quality. But, it does feel very much like the sort of generic downtempo synth music you’ll find in some spa music playlists that you’ll find on Spotify. But, as I say, what price can you put on your love of your dog?

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