Epic Games asks Supreme Court to reconsider Apple antitrust ruling

Epic Games has asked the US Supreme Court to review a ruling from 2021 that cleared Apple of violating antitrust laws, according to a Bloomberg report. The Fortnite maker previously claimed that Apple violated California’s Unfair Competition law, stating that the App Store prohibits developers from directing users to other third-party payment systems. The US Ninth … Read more

Counter-Strike 2 is now available as a free upgrade to CS:GO

Valve launched Counter-Strike 2 today. The long-rumored game, officially announced in March, has replaced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a free upgrade. It uses Valve’s in-house Source 2 engine, leading to sharper textures, more believable lighting and new geometry. Valve said it broke down maps into three categories. First, “Touchstone” maps are classic scenes “with solid … Read more

ChatGPT is allowed to browse the internet once again

Ironically, when ChatGPT debuted last November and basically broke the internet for a few days, the AI itself wasn’t informed. In fact, its entire knowledge base stopped abruptly in September, 2021 because that was the most recent data the system was initially trained on. Wednesday, OpenAI announced that ChatGPT will now be able to answer … Read more

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