WhatsApp will soon let you add two accounts to one device

If you have a personal WhatsApp account and a business one — or two accounts of the same nature — you’ll soon no longer have to carry two phones to be able to access them both. WhatsApp will finally let you add two accounts to one device, as long as you have a second phone number or a phone that supports eSIM or dual/multiple SIMs. 

You won’t even need to log out of one account to be able to access the other. To have simultaneous access to two accounts, go to the app’s Settings page and click on the arrow next to your name to find the “Add account” option. Each account has its own privacy and notification settings, so you can choose to receive alerts from one and not the other, which sounds incredibly useful if you’re on vacation and don’t want to hear from your work or business for a while. 

The new feature follows an update earlier this year that gave you the capability to access your account on multiple devices. WhatsApp used to be very strict when it comes to account access and limited you to having one account on one phone. It started exploring multi-device functionality in 2021, though, and rolled out the ability to sync one account across up to four phones in April. This upcoming update, which could make it easier to juggle different aspects of your life while maintaining boundaries, is rolling out for Android devices in the coming weeks. 

This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/whatsapp-will-soon-let-you-add-two-accounts-to-one-device-070407645.html?src=rss 

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