What the Golf just got a free Among Us-inspired update on Steam

What the Golf just got a free update inspired by the beloved multiplayer whodunnit Among Us. The update features 35 new levels that may or may not be chock full with saboteurs and imposters. It’s available today on PC via Steam and was already available on Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade.

What the Golf regularly offers free updates like this, with some Thanksgiving-themed levels dropping next week. Most devs would go for a Halloween-themed update, but Triband chose Thanksgiving, which is indicative of the kind of chaos that populates the game itself.

We’ve long sung the praises of this game, as it offers a fresh take on golf that, well, isn’t really golf at all. Many of the levels offer completely different rules to keep you on your toes and, often, you aren’t even hitting a ball toward a hole. Instead, the game has you trying to hit a big house or even a horse. Other levels have you playing soccer or battling enemy combatants. In short, you never know what the game is going to throw at you next, including cute little multicolored imposters.

The Among Us-flavored update is available now, but it doesn’t seem to be hitting PS4 or PS5 just yet, which is a bummer. Developer Triband recently released a baseball-themed spinoff, of a sort, for VR called What the Bat.

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