Waze will now warn you if a road has a history of crashes

Waze’s latest feature focuses on safety and will give you the knowledge needed to make an informed choice about the route you’re taking. The Google-owned navigation app has launched crash history alerts, which will send you a notification if you’re driving along a crash-prone road. Waze will publish a prompt that says “history of crashes” in-app before you reach, say, a curve that’s particularly tricky to navigate. That way, you can slow down or be on the lookout for anything that could derail your vehicle. 


The app decides whether to show you a notification based on reports from the Waze community and an AI analysis of your route, such as its traffic levels, its elevation and whether it’s a highway or a smaller local road. It will not show you crash alerts for routes you usually take in order to minimize distractions, which suggests that its main purpose is to give you a heads up if you should drive with more caution than usual in places you’re not familiar with. 

Waze has released several protective features intended to keep you safe on the route you’re planning to take over the years. A few years ago, it started sending out real-time accident data so that you can take an alternate route if needed and first responders can get to accident sites sooner. In 2020, it also rolled out guidance prompts telling you to get in the right spot for an upcoming merge or exit before you get there. 

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