Vampire Survivors will soon feature ‘miniature story modes’

Vampire Survivors is one of the biggest surprise hits of the last few years and while its developer could have easily kicked back and taken things easy, Poncle has been beavering away on a bunch of updates. The next one is a fresh game mode that’ll give players even more to do.

The new Adventures are “self-contained miniature story modes” that will take the Vampire Survivors characters on some “wacky sidequests,” according to Poncle. Each mission has its own progression path that’s separate from the main game. You’ll have a limited set of characters, weapons and power ups at your disposal as you take on custom challenges such as staying alive for a specific length of time or killing a certain number of enemies. Adventures will also have some “lore text” to tie the story together.

The first few missions will soon arrive on all platforms where the game is available (PC, Xbox, Switch and mobile). They should each take an hour or two to finish the first time around, though you’ll be able to tweak some modifiers for subsequent runs. In addition, all of the missions are playable in co-op.

You won’t need to fork over more cash for these Adventures, though some will be added to existing paid expansions. At the outset, Poncle will bring two missions to the base game and a third to the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. Adventures will only unlock once you’ve reached certain parts of the base game and the expansions.

It seems like Poncle is experimenting a bit with these missions. One that it’s adding to the base game will “explore how we’re reworking classic content, with a slightly serious storyline and a chance to earn unlocks earlier than normal.” Not to worry if you prefer Vampire Survivors’ usual absurdity, though. The other two missions will have the game’s usual offbeat tone.

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