Touring LG’s high-tech camping trailer at CES 2024

LG’s Labs department often takes technology and existing products and spins them into lifestyle-heavy ideas and notions. LG Labs was responsible for the Dukebox, a vacuum tube-driven speaker with a transparent OLED screen, an LG Gram with two displays, and several other projects. But the LG Bon Voyage concept trailer is a little more involved, packing so many of LG’s CES “greatest hits,” retooled and restyled for near-future camping that’s both incredibly comfortable and… unlikely.

The trailer is 2 meters by 3.8 meters, measuring up to a height of 2.2 meters. LG’s explanation suggests you’d be able to pick and choose which appliances and features are included.

I am aware this OLED TV fireplace is ridiculous.

Photo by Mat Smith/Engadget

This is an upgraded concept trailer from LG, this time it’s taken feedback from customers (though it’s never gone on sale, so it must mean prospective customers). The redesign is aimed at better use of space, and practically every corner has LG tech crammed into it.

A touchscreen panel on the trailer door runs webOS, offering an interface to the trailer alongside pertinent information like weather, charge capacity and more. A spokesperson said the concept trailer here at CES 2024 housed a 10kWh battery.

Photo by Mat Smith/Engadget

LG Labs’ inexplicable capsule coffee machine, the Duobo, which looks like a moon lander, is nestled away inside the trailer, alongside a microwave. The fridge, however, is accessed on the outside. A pull-out table, on the other side of the door includes a built-in inductive burner. This trailer may possibly have more cooking options than your home. Somewhere inside, although I wasn’t able to see it, was a water purifier and a row of detachable light bars can be set up outside the trailer when you actually want to spend time in the great outdoors.

And a blast from CES past, LG included its Styler device — a clothes refresher that jostles and steams clothing, into the trailer too, because you can’t be glamping without glamor. There’s also a shower and toilet, but neither feature any connected technology, as far as I could tell.

LG is considering including solar to power all that technology, but there’s a giant charging port on the rear. It’s going to need a lot of power. Beyond lifestyle devices, the left side of the Bon Voyage features a giant OLED screen above another pull-out surface. Oh, and at the rear of the trailer, there’s a portable karaoke set, with two wireless mics and speaker. Oh and cocktail accouterments on either side. Do I have to repeat myself? Glamping.

Photo by Mat Smith/Engadget

LG plans to continue developing the Bon Voyage. And if Sony can make a car, why can’t LG launch a trailer?

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