The Pebble Flow is an all-electric trailer for the EV age

With the transition to electric vehicles, the way we travel needs to change too. And at CES 2024, the Pebble Flow is providing a glimpse at how an RV designed for the EV age should function.

The 25 feet long Pebble Flow is designed for a family of four. Interior space stands at about 150 square-feet though, unlike some of its competitors, there aren’t any pop-out sections to expand its dimensions. Powering the whole thing is a 45 kWh LFP battery and a 1kW solar panel that provide enough juice to keep the RV running for about a week. And in addition to having support for up to Level 3 DC fast charging (with a 0 to 80 percent charge taking about an hour), the Pebble Flow also offers vehicle-to-load functionality, allowing you to power other devices, recharge an EV, or even keep the lights on in your home during an outage.

What might be even more impressive is that, if you opt for its optional dual motor Magic Pack, the Pebble Flow turns into a self-propelled RV that can self park and even automatically hitch itself, thanks to some help from its NVIDIA Drive Orin SoC. The propulsion part is kind of a big deal because, depending on the load, towing something with an EV has a massive impact on range. You could go from a typical range for an EV of 250 to 300 miles down to just 100 miles or less. But with the Pebble Flow’s dual motor, there’s a much less severe drop that could allow for trips of up to 200 miles or more before needing to recharge.

On the inside, the Pebble Flow offers a comfortable, contemporary almost Scandinavian design. Plus there’s a handful of techy features that I really appreciate. Right inside the door is a detachable tablet that serves as the control center for the entire RV. You can turn lights on or off, lock the doors, adjust temperature or even activate Pebble’s Magic Hitch feature. To ensure more complicated functions don’t get activated by accident, you’ll need to input a password or biometrics first.

From there you move into the Pebble Flow’s dining room which features a wraparound couch and table with more than enough room for four. And at night, the table can be lowered, covered with nearby cushions and converted into a bed. Next there’s the kitchen which is surprisingly large for an RV this size. Instead of a gas range, the Pebble Flow has two induction burners that can even be removed if you feel like cooking outside. Meanwhile, the faucet can spin 180-degree so you can wash up from outside. There’s also a large fridge and a 4-in-1 microwave/oven/toaster/air fryer built into the wall.

But the Pebble Flow’s coolest feature is almost certainly the glass separating its bathroom from the rest of the cabin. Normally, it’s transparent to help preserve a sense of roominess. However, at the touch of a button, the electrochromic glass becomes completely opaque so you can handle your business in private. And smartly, the button to make it go clear or frosted is the only thing in the RV you can’t control from the tablet or the RV’s mobile app. After all, the last thing you want is a toddler touching the wrong thing and putting your whole ass on display for guests.

Finally, in back there’s a queen-size Murphy bed that can transform into a shared working space in just a few seconds. It’s a nice space saving feature which the company says can help the Pebble Flow potentially pull double duty as an office space or ADU (accessory dwelling unit) when it’s parked at home.

There isn’t a single feature or component that’s really revolutionary. Instead, it’s how everything works together, from controlling its lights via its tablet and mobile app, to having a sizable 45 kWh battery for powering the RV, appliances or anything else you might have. And when paired with an electric tow vehicle, the Pebble Flow helps preserve your EV’s range while making it super simple to park and hitch. It’s not an RV reinvented, just one that’s been optimized for the age of EVs.

The Pebble Flow starts at $109,000 or $125,000 when equipped with the company’s dual motor Magic Pack. Pre-orders are already live with Pebble expecting to begin deliveries before the end of the year.

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