The new GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker is $300 off right now

The recently-released GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker is $300 off right now via Amazon, bringing the price down to $700. That’s a discount of 30 percent for the indoor smoker that managed to snag $800,000 in crowdfunding before being released to the masses at CES 2024.

As a matter of fact, the kitchen gadget ruled the roost at this year’s CES. It made our list of the best devices unveiled at the event and was a regular topic of conversation. A kitchen gadget has to be pretty special to garner buzz when competing with the latest laptops, smart TVs and bunny-shaped anthropomorphic AI assistants. In other words, GE’s Profile Smart Indoor Smoker delivers.

We praised the appliance for offering home cooks a legitimate way to smoke meats indoors, which is something that was previously out of reach for apartment dwellers and the like. The GE device ditches an open flame for electric heating elements to bring low-and-slow smoking indoors.

We also liked the built-in filtration system that prevents odorous smoke from wafting throughout the entire home. As for techy components, this smoker connects to Wi-Fi for remote cooking and monitoring, a feature we admired in our official hands-on with the unit. We got our hands on some brisket prepared by the unit and it sure was delicious.

The primary downside to this device is the price. Spending $1,000 on a smoker is likely to empty bank accounts and speed along divorce proceedings. This discount to $700 makes it a more reasonable purchase option. We’ll have an official review of the smoker published soon. 

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