The Morning After: I drove in Sony Honda’s EV simulator

Since Sony Honda Mobility revealed its EV collaboration at last year’s CES, not much has changed externally. The Afeela EV does now have a LIDAR notch above the windshield, and there’s been some design refinements and tweaks, but for CES 2024, the company was trying to express exactly how all of Sony’s entertainment and sensor expertise would combine with Honda’s automotive know-how, and why we should care about its high-tech EV.

The Afeela will create its own noise cancellation bubble, apparently “tailoring the cabin for entertainment” using Sony’s Spatial Audio technology. According to SHM’s renderings, there appear to be roughly 30 speakers. These were put to use in one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had at CES: playing Horizon Forbidden West inside a car.

No, there isn’t a PS5 baked into this concept EV, but a demonstration involving PlayStation’s long-running Remote Play feature. Sure, the Bluetooth connection to the controller was temperamental (CES is just hundreds of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals clashing), but conceptually, it works. I also got to “test-drive” the Afeela through a simulator in a realistic computer-generated city, courtesy of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, with even the digital wing mirrors reflecting what they would see in real life. The simulator’s dash display then offered an AR overlay, showing vehicles, objects and pedestrians, flagging nearby hazards in red.

I’m sure many wonder if SHM’s EV will ever exist as a consumer vehicle, but at CES, it’s found the perfect audience for its gadget-packed car.

— Mat Smith

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