The Morning After: Amazon still plans to ‘go big’ on grocery stores

Despite recently saying it would lay off more than 18,000 people, Amazon is still looking to expand its empire – which could mean more physical stores. CEO Andy Jassy told the Financial Times that Amazon still plans to “go big” on its brick-and-mortar grocery store business.

The company’s physical store division accounts for 3.4 percent of the overall business and has grown only around 10 percent since the Whole Foods acquisition. Jassy noted that many Amazon Fresh locations opened in the COVID-19 pandemic, so Amazon hasn’t “had a lot of normalcy” to see what works. That’s also been true for other facets of its physical retail business. Almost a year ago, Amazon said it was closing all of its pop-ups, bookstores and four-star shops across the US and UK.

In the interview, Jassy said: “We have a history of doing a lot of experimentation and doing it quickly. And then, when we find something that we like, doubling down on it, which is what we intend to do.”

– Mat Smith

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Update your Apple devices now to patch a security flaw

The issue “may have been actively exploited,” according to Apple.

Apple released security updates to its operating systems on Monday to resolve a security flaw. The company said the issue “may have been actively exploited,” meaning hackers could’ve taken advantage of the issue to access devices. However, Apple does not have additional details to share on the exploits beyond the update release notes, spokesperson Scott Radcliffe told Engadget.

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IKEA made a smart air quality sensor

It gauges particulate matter levels humidity, temperature and more.

IKEA is introducing a smart indoor air quality sensor, the Vindstyrka, which gauges pollutant levels. Vindstyrka works by itself, but it unsurprisingly becomes more useful when connected to IKEA’s Dirigera smart home hub. You can check air quality through the company’s app and have the monitor control other devices, like telling IKEA’s Starkvind purifier to increase fan speed based on particulate levels. There’s no price yet, but the sensor will launch in April.

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Watch the teaser for ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3

The biggest show on Apple TV+ returns March 15th.


Apple has revealed the third season of Ted Lasso will premiere March 15th, with a new episode (12 in total) arriving every week. In season three, AFC Richmond is now in the Premier League but pitted against one of its former allies — Nate is now working for Rebecca’s ex, Rupert, at West Ham United.

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Google Fiber launches 5Gbps service for $125 per month

But it’s only available in four cities at launch.

Google Fiber is finally launching its 5Gbps internet plan in Kansas City, West Des Moines and Utah. Google says the $125-per-month service will expand to other areas later this year. The service offers symmetrical upload and download rates, an upgraded 10 Gig Fiber Jack and includes professional installation, a WiFi 6 router and up to two mesh network extenders. For comparison: Comcast already offers 6Gbps service in some areas, which costs $300 a month and doesn’t include symmetrical uploads.

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James Webb telescope captures a Milky Way-like galaxy a billion light-years away

A spiral star system like ours.

Astronomers at the European Space Agency (ESA) used the James Webb Space Telescope to capture an image of a spiral galaxy that resembles our home, the Milky Way. The star system, LEDA 2046648, is a billion light-years away and comprises thousands of galaxies, trillions of stars and countless planets. Of course, an image of anything one billion light-years away means we’re viewing the galaxy’s light from a billion years ago.

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