The iPhone 15 Pro can take 3D spatial videos for Vision Pro users

Apple just teased an interesting feature for the just-announced iPhone 15 Pro line of smartphones. Thanks to the redesigned camera system and the addition of the powerful A17 Pro CPU, these phones can shoot 3D spatial videos and photos which can then be viewed by using the forthcoming Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset.

When Apple unveiled the Vision Pro, it spent some time on the notion of spatial videos and photos. Basically, these are completely three-dimensional experiences that you can relive by donning the headset. For instance, if you make a spatial video of your daughter’s birthday party, you can wear the Vision Pro and relive the day, as the operating system makes it feel like you’re back in the moment.

Apple announces Spatial Video #AppleEvent

Capture 3D spatial videos on your iPhone 15 Pro & relive them with Apple Vision Pro, coming later this year

— GYX Deals (@GYXdeals) September 12, 2023

However, the company hadn’t detailed an easy way for consumers to make these videos, until now. You point and shoot a video and let the beefy iPhone 15 Pro do the rest, eventually sending the footage onto a Vision Pro once it releases. Additionally, you’ll be able to use the headset itself to capture these moments, but that’ll be at the expense of, you know, actually experiencing the moment.

During today’s iPhone-centric fall event, Apple CEO Tim Cook once again confirmed that the Vision Pro is all set for a release in the beginning months of 2024, so start saving up for the $3,500 device. The iPhone 15 Pro, for its part, starts at $1,000 for the bare-bones model.

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