The iPhone 14 now comes in yellow

Apple is keeping up its recent tradition of adding new iPhone colors in the spring. The company has introduced yellow versions of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus — sorry, no Pro equivalent this year. They’re identical in functionality and price to other hues, of course ($799 and $899 respectively), but don’t be surprised if you start humming tunes about yellow submarines or bananaphones.

Customers in over 60 countries (including the US, UK and Canada) can pre-order the yellow iPhone 14 family starting on March 10th at 8AM Eastern. The new versions will be available on March 14th alongside new silicone case colors that include a canary yellow.

This certainly isn’t the first time Apple has offered the iPhone in this color. The iPhone 5c had a particularly bright yellow option, and you could buy the iPhone 11 in a paler shade. However, the modern iPhone design hasn’t been available in that color at all until now — you’ve had to be content with mostly subdued tones outside of Product Red models.

The strategy behind this isn’t surprising. A new color theoretically boosts iPhone sales in the middle of the product cycle. It also gives the company an excuse to update Apple Watch bands for the spring. Still, you might not mind if you’re in the market for a phone and want something livelier than the monochromatic options that define the landscape.

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