Tesla’s refreshed 2024 Model 3 is now on sale in the US

It’s been about three months since we first saw Tesla sell an upgraded version of the Model 3 in Europe, China and the Middle East. Now, Tesla’s 2024 Model 3 is available to purchase in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The sedan is a refreshed version with some clear changes between the models.

Inside the Tesla 2024 Model 3 is a new eight-inch rear display that controls things like infotainment and climate. The front display remains the same size at 15 inches but is brighter and has a thinner bezel. The updated car also offers ventilated front seats, “softer, more sophisticated materials,” and an audio system with up to 17 speakers. The entire 2024 Model 3 is outfitted with acoustic glass for a quieter drive and has customizable ambient lighting. 

The car’s exterior also has some upgrades, with Tesla integrating the fog lights and indicators into the main headlights. The 2024 Model 3 also foregoes the front bump with “styling optimized for maximum aerodynamics.” At the rear, the lights fully connect versus two separate pieces. Plus, there are two new color options: Ultra Red and Stealth Grey.  

The Model 3 is available in two types. The new Real Wheel Model 3’s range remains at 272 miles. Notably, its alternative, the 2024 Long Range Model 3, has a slightly increased EPA estimated range of 341 miles versus its predecessor’s 333 miles. This boost — albeit minor — comes at a time when Tesla is lowering many of its listed driving ranges in response to a new US government regulation testing vehicles to ensure they’re providing accurate estimates. Tesla has previously manipulated the number displayed in cars to appear higher and even set up a secret team in 2022 tasked with suppressing range complaints and canceling service appointments about range limits. 

Tesla’s 2024 Model 3 is now available to order with an estimated delivery of January or February. The Real Wheel Mode starts at $38,990, with the option to lease for $329 monthly. The Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model 3 is available for $45,990 or $439 per month if leasing. 

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