‘Stranger Things’ is coming back to ‘Dead by Daylight’

Dead By Daylight has brought a fan-favorite collaboration back into its universe: Gamers can once again access the Stranger Things chapter, entering The Upside Down and choosing to play as Survivors Nancy Wheeler or Steve Harrington against the Killer, The Demogorgon.

Behaviour Interactive first released a Dead By Daylight and Stranger Things crossover in 2019 on the heels of other horror collaborations like A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, the license ended in 2021, and — despite pleas from fans for Netflix to renew the contract — the TV show-inspired board and characters left. To be fair, anyone who already owned the game could still play as Nancy or Steve, but no updates or additional purchases were available.

Now, the Stranger Things chapter is once again available to all “including the Underground Complex Map from the Hawkins National Laboratory, and the iconic Survivor duo composed of Nancy Wheeler, a tough aspiring journalist, and Steve Harrington, a former high school jock with a knack for finding trouble,” Mathieu Côté, head of partnerships for Behaviour Interactive, said in a statement. Players can also grab new outfits from the in-game store, including items for the Demogorgon.

Speaking of the ever-frightening Demogorgon, the creature can navigate the map through a series of portals. Then, when it finds its prey, the Demogorgon uses one lunging strike to end things. While much of the Stranger Things chapter mirrors its initial iteration, as of now, related achievements and trophies won’t be available. 

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