Steam Remote Play now officially supports 4K gaming

Valve just dropped a Steam Client Beta update that finally introduces a sought-after feature. The Steam Remote Play service will now offer 4K support, providing a series of presets to allow gamers to find the perfect high-res settings for preferred titles. Prior to this update, 4K was still possible when playing remotely, but it required plenty of experimentation with settings and didn’t always work right. This should fix many of those issues.

This move lets gamers finally make use out of high-end peripherals, like 4K monitors, when engaging with remote streaming play. For the uninitiated, Steam Remote Play is a useful service that streams PC games from your Steam library to phones, tablets, laptops and related devices. Its sibling service, Steam Remote Play Together, adds online multiplayer to the mix, actually allowing players who don’t even own the game to join in competitive or co-op play.

4K streaming isn’t the only new feature included in this update, though it’s certainly the most notable. Valve also now allows users to resize the settings window and it has made the back button more reliable when making minute adjustments, like fiddling with 4K streams. The company also fixed a whole bunch of bugs, like folders not being re-created when verifying game installations and overlays freezing when file dialogs are displayed.

Finally, Big Picture Mode received some minor bug fixes and Steam added support for the Indonesian language. The update is available for download now, but this is a beta so you may want to wait until an official final release.

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