Spotify is testing an ‘offline mix’ that downloads recently played songs

Spotify already lets you download songs, albums and playlists for offline listening, but you need to select each one manually so it’s easy to forget your favorite music. Now, the company is testing a feature called “Your Offline Mix” that will “save a mix of your recently played songs for when the vibe is high, but your connection is low,” Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said on Twitter.

The feature looks similar to YouTube’s Offline Mixtape feature that came out back in 2019. As we wrote at the time, “Smart Downloads will pick some of your favorite songs and make sure they are available to you anywhere.” Spotify’s feature looks very similar, with the system downloading frequently listened-to songs and other content.

We’ve been testing out a new feature called “Your Offline Mix” – a playlist designed for those times when you might not be online ✈️

What do you think?

— Daniel Ek (@eldsjal) June 8, 2023

The feature is in testing and it’s not clear yet when it will be available, but users in Ek’s Twitter mentions said they’ve already seen it in their apps — with one noting that they hadn’t downloaded 90 percent of the songs in their mix. Plus, the screenshot shows an offline mix over three-and-a-half hours long, so it can handle plenty of songs. That will make it quite useful for times when you’re traveling or are in a remote location and need a little (or a lot) of entertainment.

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