Snapchat enables video and stories embeds

Snapchat has rolled out two new features, including the ability to embed content from the platform into a website. Users can now embed Lenses, Spotlight videos and public stories or profiles through their computer browser by clicking the embed button under share options. This will automatically copy the code — just as competitors like Instagram and TikTok have long allowed users to do. 

Following years of trying to broaden from just a platform to send pictures back and forth with friends, the option to embed is a logical next step from Snapchat. It builds on other features like articles and discovering local places of interest and, in 2022, Snapchat for Web

Along with embeds, Snapchat has also launched an OpenAI-powered feature that lets users extend their snaps to include more of their possible surroundings. The tool is reminiscent of Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill but, in this case, estimates what the entire border area looks like versus one targeted piece. Engadget has confirmed this feature is available for Snapchat+ subscribers. 

The company has regularly been using AI tools as perks for its now five million-plus Snapchat+ subscribers. The company’s AI-powered Dreams feature — which lets users generate eight packs of “fantastical” images — is limited to one time only for regular users or one set per month for Snapchat+ subscribers. Anyone can buy extra packs for $0.99 each.

Snapchat was quick to hop on the AI boom, rolling out a chatbot called My AI using “OpenAI’s GPT technology that the authors have customized” back in February. Initially also available solely to Snapchat+ subscribers, My AI expanded to all global users two months later with everything from restaurant recommendations to photo responses (as has been the case for AI bots in 2023, not always appropriately). 

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