Philips Hue’s new outdoor Dymera wall lights beam up and down

Philips Hue is expanding its outdoor smart lighting lineup with a new model called Dymera that beams both up and down, allowing dramatic effects for your home’s exterior (or interior). The lights feature a black design and two individually controllable beams, letting you set illumination and individual colors for each using the Philips Hue app. You can also use the app’s scene gallery to create a more cohesive look. The Dymera lights go on sale February 27 for $220. 

The brand (now under the Signify umbrella) also launched the Philips Hue pendant cord ($50, February 2024) designed to work with the Philips Hue filament bulbs. The idea is to create a lighting feature above a coffee or dining table, for instance, with colors and light levels controlled by the Philips Hue app. It’s 3D printed with with bio-circular materials and comes in black or white and two sizes to best match your decor. 

Philips Hue

Also new are a couple of Perifo connectors ($35, April 2024) that expand what you can do with your track lighting. The Perifo T connector lets rails run in three different directions to illuminate a room, with the Perifo flexible connector gives you complete control over the shape of the track, letting rails run in any direction beyond the normal 90-degree angles. 

Along with those new products, Philips Hue added new black and white color options to the Being ceiling light, while adding three new color visions of the Philips Hue Go portable table lamp. The company also announced that its Philips Hue Secure camera starter kit and the Philips Hue Secure floodlight camera are now available. That kit includes the Philips Hue Secure wired camera, two Philips Hue Secure contact sensors, two Philips Hue bulbs and a Philips Hue Bridge to control all the devices. (For a complete list of all the new products, click here.)

Finally, Philips Hue said it would update the Hue app’s security center in the first half of 2024, adding push notifications, automatic light and sound alarms and Alexa and Google Home compatibility. 

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