NBC promises it’ll be easier to watch the Olympics in 2024 on Peacock

Watching the Olympics in 2021 was a little complicated, requiring viewers to juggle NBC Broadcasts, the company’s Peacock Streaming service and a dedicated NBCOlympics.com website. Today the company announced that watching the Paris games in 2024 will be a lot easier — declaring Peacock the “streaming home” of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“In a Summer Games first, the service will stream every sport and event, including all 329 medal events.” NBC says it will also broadcast at least nine hours of daytime coverage on the network, which will then be made available for streaming on Peacock. The streaming service will also host full-event replays, curated video clips, original commentary and more.

NBC is heralding the coverage as the Olympic Games return to its “true glory, with full stadiums and the world’s greatest athletes” since 2018, but the expanded programming is almost certainly a response to backlash over the network’s limited coverage of the last summer Olympics. Although the network did make every event available to watch 2021, most of it could only be accessed on NBCOlympics.com, with NBC television and Peacock playing host to limited key events.

With any luck, NBC’s new plans will make watching the games easier than ever. You’ll have to wait about a year to find out, though: NBC and Peacock will kick off Olympic Games coverage on Friday, July 26 2024.

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