Moen’s smart sprinkler system automatically changes your lawn watering schedule

Moen thinks it can take the hassle out of watering your lawn — and possibly save you some money in the process. It’s introducing a Smart Sprinkler Controller (shown below) that, in tandem with matching soil sensors, can automatically tweak watering schedules on a zone-by-zone basis. Your yard should only get the water it really needs — Moen claims it can reduce the water use of a typical home by 30 percent. Whether or not that’s true, you’ll probably appreciate the season- and weather-based adjustments that can save you from watering in the middle of a rainstorm.

You also won’t have to rip up your lawn to get started. You only have to stick the sensors in the soil, where they can stay flush with the ground. You don’t have to bury cables or watch where you’re mowing. The Sprinkler Controller attaches to your existing irrigation system within half an hour, and the sensors can be ready to go in less than five minutes.


Not surprisingly, Moen is using this as a chance to reel you into its broader smart home system. If you have the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, you can watch out for leaks around the house without worrying that your sprinklers will shut off the home’s water supply.

The initial outlay may be pricey. Moen will release the devices in early February, starting at $180 for an eight-zone controller and $235 for its 16-zone counterpart. Sensors will be available for $70 each, or $180 for a three-pack. However, the company is clearly betting that its system will cut your water bill enough to justify the expense, not to mention spare you constant manual adjustments to watering schedules. The sprinkler tech could also reduce your home’s impact on the environment. That’s particularly helpful in California and other regions where water conservation is frequently important.


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