Microsoft’s PC Game Pass is coming to NVIDIA’s rival GeForce Now service

Microsoft Game Pass members will soon be able to stream PC games on NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, following the announcement of a pact between the companies earlier this year. “This will enable the PC Game Pass catalog to be played on any device that GeForce Now streams to, like low spec PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, mobile devices, TVs, and more, and we’ll be rolling this out in the months ahead,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

It doesn’t appear to include the whole catalog, as GeForce Now members will be able to “stream select PC games” from the library, the company wrote. Still, it’ll give PC Game Pass subscribers access to what we called “the enthusiast’s choice for game streaming” thanks to the high performance offered by NVIDIA’s latest RTX 4080 cards.

Previously, the companies announced that Microsoft Store would be coming to GeForce Now for purchases. In addition, Xbox games have already come to GeForce Now, starting with the arrival of Xbox exclusive Gears 5 last month. 

In February, Microsoft and NVIDIA struck a 10-year deal to bring games to the GeForce Now service, including Activision Blizzard titles like the Call of Duty series. Microsoft also signed an agreement with Spain-based cloud gaming provider Nware in April, and previously inked pacts with Nintendo, Steam, NVIDIA, Boosteroid, Ubitus and EE to make its games available on those companies’ platforms. 

Many of those came about when Microsoft’s potential acquisition of Activision Blizzard was being scrutinized by regulators in Europe, the US and elsewhere. Since then, however, UK regulators blocked the deal over cloud concerns, saying it would give Microsoft “incentive to withhold [Activision Blizzard] games from competitors and substantially weaken competition in this important growing market.” With the news that it’s offering its PC Game Pass subscription on GeForce Now, it may still think it can convince regulators to get on board. 

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