Google Meet makes the picture-in-picture experience far more useful

Google Meet, the company’s answer to Zoom and Microsoft Teams, just got an update that makes the picture-in-picture (PiP) feature far more useful. Specifically, a new set of controls makes it easier to multitask during a meeting while remaining present and participating in video conferences, according to Google’s Workspace Update blog post.

With the picture-in-picture window open, there’s now a control that lets you “raise your hand,” use PiP while in meeting chat, turn captions on and off, resize the picture-in-picture view more effectively and access flexible layouts, the company said. Google shows exactly how it works in the GIF below, as a user drafts an email while still being able to see his colleagues and remain present in the video chat. Should you need to make a point, you can still raise your hand and access other controls. 


That’s a big change from the last version, which offered limited resizing options and a fixed aspect ratio. In addition, the previous controls only let you leave the meeting or turn the camera/microphone on and off. While a relatively small change, it makes the app far more useful from a productivity standpoint (or lets you play the Eggman Game without being noticed). 

The update is now available for Google Meet on Chrome browser, and will be rolling out more widely over the next few weeks. Google has full instructions on how to use the new features here

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