GameStop axes its short-lived NFT marketplace as it retreats from crypto

Two months after shutting down its crypto wallet, GameStop says it’s killing its NFT marketplace, too. In an alert posted on the website, first spotted by Decrypt, the company has notified customers that the NFT marketplace will no longer be usable as of February 2. Echoing the statement it issued with the termination of the wallet, GameStop says the decision comes in response to “the continuing regulatory uncertainty of the crypto space.”

GameStop’s NFT marketplace wasn’t around very long. It launched in July 2022 in a partnership with Immutable X and Loopring following rumors of the project at the beginning of that year. Now, it only has a few weeks left in operation. “Effective as of February 2, 2024, customers will no longer be able to buy, sell or create NFTs,” the notice states. “Your NFTs are on the blockchain and will remain accessible and saleable through other platforms.”

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