‘Final Fantasy VII Remake: Rebirth’ is delayed to early 2024

Summer Game Fest’s final reveal was the sequel…est of all sequels: Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s second chapter, Rebirth. It will take Cloud, Aerith and the rest of the team beyond Midgar, and we got a glimpse and expanded areas for exploration, tapping into the power of the PS5. 

The start of the trailer, however, teases alternate timelines and events yet again, with the collapse of the expressway (the end of FF7: Remake) showing injured party members being stretchered onto helicopters, before returning to more familiar story beats for anyone who’s played the original. 

We’ll get flashbacks to Tifa and Cloud’s reunion in the town of Kalm, where they both grew up, and more Sephiroth chewing up scenes with vague dialogue and gorgeous hair. We also see secondary antagonists, the Turks, with a full roster, ready to go three-on-three against your party. 

The most intriguing snippets were battles showing Cloud et al. able to collaborate with each other on their moves, upping the damage. It’s something we saw in FF7R’s DLC with Yuffie and her ally Sonan. The trailer also gave us the first glimpse of both Yuffie and Red XIII (the talking dog) duking it out alongside the rest of the party. The game has been delayed, to early 2024 now, but we now know it’ll land on two discs — if that’s any consolation.

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