Dead by Daylight’s latest killer is a tech executive with a surveillance penchant

Dead by Daylight features a roster full of memorable killers. If horror icons like Freddy Krueger and Pyramid Head aren’t your thing, you can turn to more original additions like Ji-woon, a K-pop star turned serial killer. The game’s newest killer fits in that latter mold. Adriana Imai, aka The Skull Merchant, is a wealthy tech executive who, when she’s not eliminating competition like any good monopolist, uses the skulls of her past victims to craft aerial drones to hunt her next kill. A bit on the nose? Definitely, but she looks to add something new to a game that has been around since 2016.

The Skull Merchant’s power, Eyes in the Sky, allows her to send up to four drones to scout for the survivors she’s tasked with eliminating. Once Imai finds her targets, she can use a hand claw to eliminate them. Alongside Imai, Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Interactive is adding two new survivors as part of the game’s upcoming “Tools of Torment” update. Thalita and Renato Lyra are siblings who hail from Brazil. Before they had the misfortune of being tossed into the hellscape that is Dead by Daylight’s world, Thalita and Renato owned a kite-flying business that mentored kids in their local community. The two come with teamwork perks that prompt cooperative play.

Tools of Torment won’t introduce a new map, but it will come with a tweak to the game’s existing Shelter Woods arena that adds The Skull Merchant’s hunting ground. You can play the update starting on March 7th when it arrives on PC and consoles.


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