Dashlane’s password manager is on sale for $40 per year

Dashlane’s subscription-based password manager is on sale for $40 per year, as part of a New Year’s offer. This is for the Premium Plan, which typically costs $60 each year. So this represents a savings of 40 percent or $20 per year. The sale ends on January 15 at 8PM ET, so you only have four days to take advantage of the discount.

Here’s how you can access the deal. Just sign up for the company’s Premium Plan and type in the code NY24 at checkout. That’s it. You’re good to go. The Premium Plan includes password protection for unlimited devices, with no limit on the number of passwords and passkeys. You also get a VPN for web-browsing, real-time phishing alerts and access to a sharing portal that allows you to safely share passwords and private information with friends and family.

Dashlane is a reputable service, up there with market leaders like 1Password, NordPass and LastPass. As a matter of fact, the service made our list of the best password managers. We loved the secure sharing feature, mentioned above, and the company’s VPN, which is included with the Premium Plan. The only downside is that there’s no support for Linux.

The company offers other plans, but those aren’t covered by this deal. The friends and family plan, for instance, offers complete access for up to ten people. There are also a couple of robust plans intended for commercial use. Again, the discount on the Premium Plan ends on January 15.

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