CookingPal unveils a connected pressure cooker with an air fryer attachment

CookingPal has revealed what it claims is the smartest and safest pressure cooker on the planet. Pronto is an eight-in-one device and, according to CookingPal, it’s the first pressure cooker with a fixed, hinged lid, an auto pressure release system and an air fryer attachment.

Pronto has a six-quart bowl with handles. There are safety sensors and an automatic pressure release with a steam diverter to help protect users. Along with pressure cooking, Pronto can be used for sauteing, slow cooking, steaming, fermenting, sanitizing, keeping food warm and, thanks to its integrated scale, weighing. The air fryer attachment, which is sold separately, adds air frying, roasting, baking and grilling to the list of cooking methods.


You’ll be able to monitor the cooking status and control Pronto using CookingPal’s companion app. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on things and adjust settings with the help of the device’s 4.3-inch color screen. A dedicated tablet called the Smart Kitchen Hub (which comes with CookingPal’s Multo cooking system) provides access to hundreds of recipes with step-by-step instructions and nutritional information, as well as the option to book cooking classes with the company’s chefs.

Pronto is hardly the first pressure cooker that offers remote control via an app — Instant Pot has introduced several such models over the last few years. Still, the auto pressure release system and Smart Kitchen Hub integration could make Pronto a more appealing option.

CookingPal says that Pronto will be available in Q3 this year, which is sometime between July and September. It will cost $279. The air fryer attachment will run you $119.



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