‘Clockwork Revolution’ is a time-traveling RPG of steampunk anarchy

Who doesn’t love a good Victorian era-adjacent dystopia? If you’re a fan of the Dishonored or Bioshock universes, Clockwork Revolution from inXile entertainment could be right up your cobblestone alley. 

Set in the steampunk metropolis of Avalon, Clockwork Revolution pits players against the powers that be — and the secrets they’re trying to conceal. Turns out the town’s leader, Lady Ironwood, has been fiddling with the weft of fate, using a time-traveling device to jump back through history to selectively change events and shower both wealth and power upon herself. It’ll be up to you to use her own Chronometer against her, undoing the temporal damage she has wrought. But beware, your own past actions will have very real consequences when you return to the present. 

The game is still in early development and the action we saw during the Xbox event was all from pre-alpha builds. InXile has not shared an expected release date but has promised to provide future updates, “… in due time.”

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