ChatGPT was down for more than 90 minutes after a major OpenAI API outage

OpenAI’s extremely popular ChatGPT service was down and non-functional for its 100 million weekly active users. The service went down just before 9AM ET. OpenAI has acknowledged the outage and said that it’s also impacting the company’s API services. However, the service was restored at around 10:50 AM ET. 

Instead of a working platform, ChatGPT users were greeted with a warning message that says it’s “at capacity right now.” OpenAI wrote in an error report that it had “identified an issue resulting in high error rates across the API and ChatGPT, and we are working on remediation.” All told, the outage lasted around two hours.

The services were also impacted for a few hours last night, but this was just a partial outage that didn’t impact all users. OpenAI’s chatbot platform has had very few, if any, operational issues until last night. The service has grown at a steady clip, reaching that aforementioned 100 million weekly user milestone without any hiccups. Also, there are over 2 million developers on the API side of things.

OpenAI has been making announcements left and right, teasing customizable AI bots that anyone can create and even considering making its own chips to power the service. 

Update, November 8 2023, 10:55 AM ET: This story has been updated with information regarding ChatGPT’s return to operational status. 

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