Butt-ugly Starfield ship defeats the enemy AI’s perfect aim

Having pulled in more than six million players in less than a week, Starfield is Bethesda’s biggest game launch of all time. Some of those players are already poking at the game’s limits by creating mods and speedrunning it. One has found another way to break the game, namely by building a ship that enemies can’t figure out how to consistently hit.

The player, who goes by Morfalath, figured out that the enemy AI targets the center of your ship. By building a spacecraft that’s essentially a hollow cube with a few missing edges, they created what they claim is an “unbeatable ship.”

It’s as if the enemy AI thinks you have a glowing red weak spot in your ship’s midsection even if the vessel’s “stomach” is completely missing. In a video of a dogfight that Morfalath shared, the unusual ship catches an errant shot or two on its frame, but the butt-ugly design appears to outfox even high-level enemies.

Meanwhile, even though Xbox execs claimedStarfield would be Bethesda’s least buggy game launch ever (despite the publisher’s long track record of its title having glitches when they first arrive), players have captured a litany of very strange moments. Perhaps you’ll see characters who have a missing head save for their eyeballs and mouth, or maybe you’ll encounter individuals who rudely butt into conversations. Starfield might not have had as disastrous a debut as Cyberpunk 2077 in terms of bugs, but some of them are pretty funny nonetheless.

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