Apple is removing leather from all its products for environmental reasons

Apple has spent a significant amount of its keynote today talking about its environmental bonafides, and part of that is the fact that it will no longer sell leather accessories, including things like iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands. The company noted that while leather is popular for things like watch straps, it has a serious impact on the environment, particularly at Apple’s scale. 

Instead, Apple is introducing a new product called FineWoven that’ll replace its leather straps. Visually, they do look quite similar to the leather bands it used to sell — the leather loop and “modern buckle” styles will still be available, just in this new FineWoven material. We haven’t gotten to the iPhone yet, but presumably we’ll hear about FineWoven cases for that device as well. 

Apple has long had a partnership for the Apple Watch with Hermès, a company known for high-end fashion products including a wide variety of leather products. The collaboration will continue, but Hermès straps won’t be leather going forward either. It looks like they’ll be made of custom Hermès canvas, rubber and other textiles. 


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