Android users in Arizona, Colorado and Georgia can now add state IDs to Google Wallet

Google is expanding a feature that allows Android users to add their state ID or driver’s license to Wallet. Starting today, folks in Arizona, Colorado and Georgia can store a digital version of their ID in the app. Google first enabled the option in Maryland in June. Apple also allows folks in certain locales to add a digital copy of their ID to Apple Wallet.

For now, you’ll be able to use a digital ID stored in Google Wallet at TSA PreCheck lines at select airports. Google plans to enable more ways to use the digital version of your ID later this year, such as for renting a car through an app. The idea is that the app will only gain access to necessary information, such as your name and driving eligibility.

Digital IDs that are added to Google Wallet are encrypted, so no one will have access to personal information stored there unless you choose to share it. Authentication such as a fingerprint unlock is needed to access the ID. You’ll also be able to select which information fields you share when you present your digital ID.

To add an ID issued by Arizona, Colorado, Georgia or Maryland to Google Wallet, your device will need to be running Android 8 or newer. First, open the Google Wallet app, tap the Add to Wallet button, select the ID Card option and choose the state that issued the ID. Then you’ll need to scan the ID and take a quick selfie video to verify that you’re the person to whom the ID belongs. Google will then authenticate your ID with the issuer.

If you lose your phone or someone steals it, you can delete your digital ID remotely via your Google account settings. You can also ask your state’s DMV to remove the ID from Google Wallet.

Meanwhile, it’s now possible to create a digital pass in Google Wallet by taking a photo or screenshot of any barcode or QR code. The aim is to let you add passes that Wallet doesn’t natively support, such as your library card or gym membership, to the app. 

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