Adobe adds plenty of AI wizardry to Photoshop and Premiere

Adobe just released the latest iterations of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. These 2024-branded versions feature plenty of new features that streamline the creative process, many of them aided by, wait for it, artificial intelligence. Beyond AI-powered tools, there’s also some other stuff for photo and video editors to get excited about.

Let’s start with AI features, all of which are powered by Adobe’s new Sensei AI platform. On the Photoshop side of things, there’s a new tool that automatically selects objects and backgrounds for removal, editing or replacement. This looks to be a more nuanced take on Google’s Pixel Magic Eraser tech.

The company says you can use this tool to swap out the sky, which should come in handy for those looking to turn standard outdoor photos into a fiery hellscape. The AI tools even let you smooth out a subject’s skin and complete a number of automatic smart fixes. Additionally, Photoshop Elements 2024 uses AI for its brand-new Artistic Effect options, allowing you to completely transform images into something resembling a famous work of art.

Adobe’s Sensei AI also lets you upscale JPEGs to remove artifacts, creating a more “smooth, natural look.” This should give editors more control over this file type, as it has never been anyone’s first choice when it comes to making image adjustments.


As for Premiere, the popular video-editing software suite now uses AI to automatically create highlight reels culled from uploaded footage. The company says that these AI-created clips will “draw people in by focusing on motion, close-ups and your highest quality footage.”

Of course, this is a proper Elements update, so there’s all kinds of features that don’t dive into the AI well. Photoshop gets updated color and tone presets, photo reels that can be saved as MP4s or GIFs, a bunch of new one-click editing options and an aesthetic facelift to tie everything together. There’s even something called Guided Edits, that teaches you how to do things as you go.

Premiere gets a suite of new audio effects, like reverb, and a number of built-in presets to create a unique vibe. Just like Photoshop, there’s a visual redesign that offers a “fresh look” and access to a similar collection of tutorial-based Guided Edits. Both software suites are available now as solo purchases or in a bundle.

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