A four-pack of AirTags is $20 off right now

Bluetooth trackers are handy little devices that can help you find things you’ve misplaced. If you’re deep in the Apple ecosystem (or at least have an iPhone), AirTags are perhaps your best choice. If you’ve been meaning to pick some up, there’s some good news for you as a four-pack of AirTags is on sale. … Read more

The Morning After: ‘Nanosphere’ paint could reduce a plane’s CO2 emissions

The Morning After: ‘Nanosphere’ paint could reduce a plane’s CO2 emissions

Every gram counts in commercial flight. Material scientists from Kobe University have discovered “nanospheres” that are near-invisible silicone crystals. The particles can reflect light thanks to very large and efficient scattering, research published in the ACS Applied Nano Matter journal details. The result could mean covering a surface in vibrant color while only adding 10 … Read more

The Odysseus spacecraft has become the first US spacecraft to land on the moon in 50 years

The Odysseus spacecraft made by Houston-based Intuitive Machines has successfully landed on the surface of the moon. It marks the first time a spacecraft from a private company has landed on the lunar surface, and it’s the first US-made craft to reach the moon since the Apollo missions. Odysseus was carrying NASA instruments, which the … Read more

Google pauses Gemini’s ability to generate people after overcorrecting for diversity in historical images

Google said Thursday it’s pausing its Gemini chatbot’s ability to generate people. The move comes after viral social posts showed the AI tool overcorrecting for diversity, producing “historical” images of Nazis, America’s Founding Fathers and the Pope as people of color. “We’re already working to address recent issues with Gemini’s image generation feature,” Google posted … Read more

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